The Winners Circle

Appropriate that my first non-Journal News post shows a cartoon I drew for Sunday’s Hearst newspapers in Connecticut. Hearst hired me about a year ago to do a weekly freelance cartoon for their Sunday papers, and I will be continuing with that as I find a new venue for my national cartoons. For those who aren’t familiar with CT politics (other than the fact Linda McMahon ran for Senate this year,) the new Governor – after a drawn out wait for ballot counting in a borderline voting fiasco – might soon find himself thinking the guy that ended up with the least votes didn’t actually lose.

The theme for this site is admittedly currently very basic and will be changing and improving this week, and the content growing. I’ll be shamelessly selling stuff including original artwork and be adding some video of an unusual humor project I have had in my head for some time, which will either be great, or an idiotic failure. Stay bookmarked!

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