Purchase Original Art!

Call me old fashioned, but I draw my cartoons on paper, in actual, tangible pen and ink, the originals of which I can sometimes be talked into selling. If you are interested in a piece, email me at matt.davies@sbcglobal.net for pricing and availability.

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  1. Hello Matt,

    I’ve been following your work diligently for a couple years now, and I was really sorry to hear about your layoff. I guess sorry isn’t the word, more like perplexed. I very much admire your drawings, as well as your political and social commentary.

    Well, to cut to the chase, I would like to purchase one of your drawings. If its still available, its the cartoon you posted on your blog March 31st 2010(not sure what day it actually ran in the papers). There’s a hoard of census protestors and the text is a “Q and A” type of thing. Q: How many Govt. Protestors… A: Officially none.

    If it is in fact still available, how much are you charging per original cartoon?

    Marc Anderson

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